I began my academic career by studying Information Technology Engineering at the University of La Matanza in Argentina. I subsequently studied Psychology at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, earning a Bachelor in 2007 and a Master in Psychology with a focus in Affective and Cognitive Psychology in 2009. I obtained my PhD in Psychology from the University of Geneva in 2015 for investigating the impact of social information on emotion recognition under the supervision of Prof. David Sander, director of the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences. In 2016, I joined the Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab as a post-doctoral research fellow working with Prof. Tobias Brosch to exploit the increasing availability of large quantities of human behavioural data to understand better psychological mechanisms underlying sustainable behaviours. In 2018 I started teaching climate change communication and methodology of behavioural interventions as a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology of the University of Geneva. I recently (2021) joined the Department of Information Sciences in the Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG-GE) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO), teaching statistics, data visualisation, strategic data management and data storytelling to undergraduate and graduate students.